Sushi Making Class

A hands-on practical sushi making class, first of all you will make the proper sushi rice, then making your own sushi and sashimi!

Price includes all ingredients, printed recipes and a delicious meal at the end of the class.




Join our hands-on practical sushi making class with Sushi Made Simple cookbook author, Atsuko! First of all you will make the proper sushi rice, then making your own rolled sushi with favourite fillings, such as salmon sashimi with avocado, spicy tuna with avocado or watercress with beef steak and wasabi! One more fun for you would be making a Japanese rolled omelette using a square frying pan! We provide fine quality Japanese products and sashimi quality fish as always.

Atsuko’s signed brand-new cookbook “Sushi Made Simple” will be available to purchase in this class.


To learn how to make perfect sushi rice and practice roll your own sushi:

  • Knife skill – How to slice fish fillet for sashimi and sushi rolls
  • Temaki zushi (corn shaped sushi roll with favourite fillings such as raw salmon with avocado, sirloin steak with watercress and wasabi, and vegetables)
  • Hoso maki (rolled sushi with using a bamboo mat with favourite fillings, such as salmon fillet)
  • Ura maki (inside out roll sushi with favourite toppings, filled with, spicy raw tuna and mayonnaise, garnished with tobiko)
  • Sushi Tamago (sushi egg roll -with using a square frying pan is good fun to make it)

Also you will lean how to source the fish fillet for your sushi and the hints of making some rolls suitable for your sushi party!

*There will be the alternatives for vegans or vegetarians. Please let us know your dietary requirements in advance.

We start with introducing a variety of sushi, then a cooking session. Next you will make your own sushi and finally eating what you made! The class will take 3 hours.


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