Sake Tasting and Otsumami event

Join us for a very special evening of sake and Otsumami tasting to discover the fresh sake from Japan served with a selection of Atsuko’s dishes from her cookbook Otsumami. 




This will be a fun and intimate event where you will get to explore the magical world of Japanese Sake (nihonshu) and Otsumami (Japanese small bites and appetisers). This event is limited to only 10 guests, so you’re guaranteed a unique and personal experience in the casual and inviting ambience of Atsuko’s Kitchen on Columbia Road.

Each season has its own style of sake in Japan. Luckily we are in the winter season which is when the fresh sake (‘namazake’ or unpasteurized sake) is made – and we have several.

We will be serving 6 types (at least!) of sake from different regions of Japan served in a unique collection of Japanese serving vessels accompanied by a selection of Atsuko’s dishes from her cookbook Otsumami. 

We are especially excited by our favourite Jikon (而今). Jikon is craved by sake fans because of its fresh taste and high rarity. We are lucky we could source a bottle to share.

I look forward to sharing this wonderful evening with you and exploring the rich flavours of Japanese sake and Otsumami!


  • Kimchi and blue cheese pizza 
  • Rainbow dips + vegetable crudités 
  • Soft cheese + pickled daikon with crackers 
  • Scallop sashimi with yuzu kosho dressing
  • Chicken and sansho dumplings with spicy sauce 
  • Lamb miso harissa yaki with otsukemono pickles  
  • Matcha and sake tiramisu

The menu is subject to change. For dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

Atsuko’s cookbooks are available to purchase online or at the event if you wish.



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