Online Vegan Sushi Making Class

  • date Sun 7 Mar
  • time 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Join a masterclass in the modern art of creative plant-based sushi preparation. Suits for vegans but for people interested in their general well-being.




Here’s a treat for all the hardcore vegans or simply for whoever wants to add healthier, plant-based meals to their diet: Vegan Sushi!

Atsuko has wisely explored and created mouthwatering vegan sushi recipes that can be found in her cookbook “Sushi Made Simple” and in this class!

Impress your family and friends with your vegan sushi making skills and sign up to this class, or simply learn new vegan recipes to introduce and treat a loved one to a tasty vegan meal.

You may also gather your family online to celebrate a special occasion with an online private class.


  • The perfect sushi rice (learn how to make perfect sushi rice and beetroot sushi rice)
  • Pickled pepper nigiri sushi 
  • Marinated asparagus / baby corn nigiri sushi 
  • Nori potato temari sushi with kabayaki sauce 
  • Miso dengaku aubergine nigiri with basil 
  • Flavoursome vegetable roll (uramaki, inside-out rolled sushi)

After you have booked

You will receive an email detailing all the necessary ingredients and equipment (i.e. a sushi mat), as well as recipes and a preparation note prior to the class. You will be provided with links where you can easily shop for everything online if you wish to do so and a grocery guide.

Prior to your online class

Please prepare your ingredients as per preparation note sent to you just after you booked your class with us. 

During your online class

The class will start with an introduction to the different varieties of sushi, followed by the cooking session and then a delicious feast to reap the rewards of your own labour!

Firstly, you will learn how to make classic white sushi rice, bake, cook and chop your vegetables; you will then proceed to making your own selections of sushi with your favourite toppings and fillings! In this session you will discover both classic and modern style sushi. 

Atsuko’s cookbook “Sushi Made Simple”  is available to purchase online if you wish. Although it is not required to attend the class, it contains truly valuable information which would certainly make you even more eager to attend this session! 


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Ticket Type Price Spaces
Online Vegan Sushi Making Class on 7th March 2021 at 3pm (UK time) / per screen up to two people £45.00