Creative Vegetarian Sushi Making Class

Join a masterclass in the modern art of creative sushi preparation. Suits for vegans but for people interested in their general well-being.




Join a socially distant masterclass in the modern art of creative vegetarian sushi preparation with Sushi Made Simple cookbook author, Atsuko!

We take Government guidelines very seriously and have now implemented all the necessary measures to ensure a safe environment for you to learn in and to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Read our Covid-19 policy here.

Atsuko will introduce you to a range of Japanese ingredients, you will learn where and how to use them and about some of the unique products used to create mock sashimi and seafood. In this hands-on cooking class, you’ll then go on to learn six types of toppings to finish Temari (balled sushi) & Gunkan-maki (battleship sushi) with delicious sauces, and flavoursome vegetarian roll!

The class will start with an introduction to the different varieties of sushi, followed by the cooking session and then a delicious feast to reap the rewards of your own labour!

Atsuko’s signed cookbook “Sushi Made Simple” will be available to purchase in this class 


  • The perfect sushi rice (learn how to make perfect sushi rice and naturally coloured pink sushi rice)
  • Pickled pepper nigiri sushi 
  • Marinated asparagus nigiri sushi 
  • Grilled baby corn nigiri sushi with teriyaki 
  • Nori potato temari sushi with kabayaki sauce 
  • Miso dengaku aubergine nigiri with basil 
  • Spiced squash/kabocha gunkan maki 
  • Flavoursome vegetable roll (uramaki, inside-out rolled sushi)
 Photography by: Yuki Sugiura


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