Creative Vegetarian Sushi Making Class

Join a masterclass in the modern art of creative sushi preparation. Suits for vegans but for people interested in their general well-being.


Join a masterclass in the modern art of creative vegetarian sushi preparation with Sushi Made Simple cookbook author, Atsuko! You’ll be introduced to a range of Japanese ingredients; learning where and how to use them and about some of the unique products used to create mock sashimi and seafood. In this hands-on cooking class, you’ll then go on to learn six types of toppings to finish Temari (balled sushi) & Gunkan-maki (battleship sushi), and flavoursome vegetarian roll!

We start with introducing a variety of sushi, then a cooking session. Next you will make your own sushi and finally what you made! The class will take 3 hours.

Atsuko’s signed brand-new cookbook “Sushi Made Simple” will be available to purchase in this class.


  • Perfect sushi rice (to lean how to make perfect sushi rice and naturally coloured pink multi-grain sushi rice)
  • 6 types of toppings and delicious sauces arranged for temari, gunkan sushi (to learn ideas to create mock sashimi/seafood which made from vegetables and Japanese unique products)
  • 1 type of flavoursome vegetable roll (uramaki, inside-out rolled sushi)
 Photography by: Yuki Sugiura