Bento Cooking Class

A hands-on cooking class, making your own bento filled with onigiri and 5 quick delicious dishes in a lovely bento box from Japan!




A bento favourite! – learn how to make the everyday bento, a Japanese lunch box.

Bentō boxes are served everywhere in Japan – work places, schools, department stores, and even on the trains. These tasty Japanese lunch boxes have been enjoyed for over 800 years!

A hands-on practical cooking class, making your own authentic Japanese bento filled with onigiri (rice ball) and 5 quick dishes. These are suitable for cooking in a busy morning as many Japanese people make their own bento every day. Also you will learn the hints of making some typical dishes suitable for your bento.

You will be provided a lovely re-useable bento box from Japan! It comes in two -tier bento box with an elastic band is included to secure your bento box. When empty, the base fits inside the main body of the bento box for more compact storage.


  • Umesu zuke (ume pickled red radish)
  • Salmon shio koji yaki (marinated salmon/fried tofu(V), grilled with sesame seeds)
  • Kara age chicken/tofu(V) (marinated in soy sauce, mirin, ginger and garlic, deep fried in rice bran oil)
  • Tamago yaki (egg roll with chives)
  • Yaki bitashi (grilled seasonal vegetables with wasabi and soy dressing)
  • Rice ball with favourite condiments
  • Miso ball (quick instant homemade miso soup)

We start with introducing a typical style of bento, then a cooking session. Next we will fill your bento box before finally eating!


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