Beginners Japanese Cookery Course

This is a hands on, informative beginners Japanese cooking course. It is on a Wednesday evening for 5 weeks, in the heart of Shoreditch.

Price includes all ingredients, printed recipes and a delicious meal at the end of the class.




This is a hands on, informal Japanese cooking class for 5 weeks. First of all, we start with introducing the ingredients, then a cooking session, and finally eating! All ingredients are included in the price.

*If you can not attend all 5 weeks classes, you could take an individual class for £65. Please contact us for availability.

Course Schedule:

Class 1 on 24th April: Introduction to the ingredients, sticky rice, miso soup (making dashi stock) with wakame and silken tofu, dashimaki tamago (juicy egg omelette roll), wakame & cucumber salad (with creamy sesame dressing), onigiri (rice ball), natto (fermented soy bean product), umeboshi (salted plum) etc…

Class 2 on 1st May: Nikujaga (traditional Japanese beef and potato stew with shirataki noodles), goma ae (green beans with black/white sesame seeds sauce), ginger rice, white miso soup (making dashi) with watercress and abura age (fried tofu)

Class 3 on 8th May: Gyoza (Japanese style dumplings with 3 different fillings – such as pork belly, prawn with coriander, and also tofu with shiitake), asazuke (quick pickled vegetables), takikomi gohan (mixed rice with tamari soy sauce) and akadashi soup (making dashi)

Class 4 on 15th May: Chicken teriyaki (teriyaki salmon or tofu for vegetarian), shira ae (tofu dip mix with vegetables), edamame rice and miso soup (making dashi) with aubergine and sesame.

Class 5 on 22nd May: Party chirashi sushi (sushi rice topped with fresh sashimi, seafood, and variety of toppings), miso dip with crunchy vegetables, soba and udon noodles with homemade tsuyu dressing


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