Atsuko’s Kitchen x Shiso Delicious

A special one-off event with Shiso Delicious! A hands-on, plant-based cooking workshop inspired by Japanese temple food, using the principles of 5 elements & 5 colours in food.

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The power of ancient Japanese cooking in modern plant-based recipes

Atsuko’s Kitchen is delighted to welcome Sara of Shiso Delicious @shisodelicious, known for her colourful, creative, and inspirational bento lunch boxes on Instagram for special events!


In this hands-on cooking workshop we will focus on plant-based Japanese cooking inspired by Buddhist temple food known as Shojin Ryori. Using seasonal British produce and wholesome Japanese ingredients we will cook up a mouth-watering feast!

Atsuko (Atsuko’s Kitchen) and Sara (Shiso Delicious) will share the inspirational idea of creating a well balanced meal based on the power of ancient Japanese food philosophy.

We will eat what we cooked together with a complimentary drink. The recipes will be fully vegan.

If you are interested in Japanese food and culture, and/or plant based food, this workshop is for you!

What is Shojin Ryori?

Vegetarian and vegan cooking has been in existence in Asia for centuries, and Shojin ryori (Japanese Temple Cuisine) has recently gained momentum due to an increasing awareness of the importance of what we eat and how we treat the earth. The food is based around five fundamental elements, colours and flavours and works with the changing seasons and the availability of certain plants and vegetables which make up the staple ingredients of most of the recipes.

Shojin cuisine not only offers numerous physical and spiritual benefits but also creates a unique eating experience that both invigorates and energises.

Sara Kiyo Popowa  (Shiso Delicious)

Sara of shiso delicious

Sara is a recipe developer, photographer and stylist and a passionate advocate of plant based, Japanese inspired food as @shisodelicious on Instagram. Sara is an authority on plant based food, having recently published the book An opinionated guide to Vegan London. And Bento Power (Kyle Books). She will bring her multicultural, sustainable-oriented cooking approach and visual flair as a food photographer to the table.