Japas catering: Japanese style tapas!

A unique style of small dishes that are easy to eat anytime. We hand-make our Japas using natural and fine Japanese seasonings with carefully selected seasonal ingredients for private and corporate events.

Japas are a great way to fill the gap between meals – encouraging conversation while satisfying your appetite.
There’s no need for formal seating – you can move and drink while you’re eating.  This idea is popular in Japan, where there are a variety of small dishes available in pubs and bars frequented by Japanese business men, who love to have a light meal with a drink after work.
You will choose dishes from this Japas list or if you have any special requests please let us know. We have more menu options depending on the event. (Vegan and vegetarian dishes can be arranged).

The sample Japas price per person will be:

£17.50 for 5 dishes of your choice. (2 dishes from group A, 3 dishes from B and C)

£24.50 for 7 dishes of your choice. (3 dishes from group A, 4 dishes from B and C)

The prices above are based on events for between 30-150 people. If you would like to request a smaller number or a full-course menu, then please contact us. We could arrange a tasting of Japas to suit your event.

Group A:

  • Teriyaki Chicken and leek on a skewer, sprinkled with sansho (Japanese pepper)
  • Kushi age (deep fried vegetables, seafood, meat coated with panko on a skewer)
  • Tsukune (Japanese style mini meatballs with crunchy lotus root) brushed with original ginger teriyaki sauce
  • Okonimiyaki with umami flavour, topped with dancing bonito flakes (katsuobushi)
  • Gyoza (Japanese style dumplings with a choice of pork or prawn) served with sujoyu and sesame chilli oil dipping sauce
  • Saikyo yaki (miso marinated salmon)
  • Beef tataki (seared beef) and daikon (white radish) topped with red miso dengaku
  • Buta kakuni (simmered pork belly seasoned with soy, mirin served with karashi mustard)
  • Soft shell crab (deep fried soft shell crab coated with panko and nori seaweed)
  • Salmon or tuna tataki with avocado dressed with ponzu jelly, topped with garlic chips and shichimi (seven spices)

Group B:

  • Organic tofu dip (tofu hummus) or chunky coriander with cashew dip served with roasted vegetables
  • Organic tofu bite (deep fried tofu with spicy Asian sauce)
  • Renkon (lotus root) salad
  • Organic fresh tofu bite topped with sesame chilli oil with nut sauce, garnished with renkon (lotus root chip)
  • Satsuma age (tofu and prawn fritters with citrus sweet chilli dipping sauce)
  • Dashi maki tamago topped with grated red radish (juicy egg roll) served with tsuyu dressing
  • Edamame (baby soy bean with lemon sea salt)

Group C:

  • Omusubi (rice ball with favourite fillings, such as smoked mackerel with dill and capers or mushroom
    with ginko nut rice)
  • Rolled sushi with favourite fillings
  • Temari zushi (sushi rice ball topped with cooked prawn)
  • Mochi (rice cake) pizza
  • Inari zushi (a pouch of seasoned deep fried tofu bag filled with sushi rice, topped with egg ribbons)

Wagashi (Japanese sweets such as daifuku mochi, dorayaki, maccha mousse with azuki beans)

To enquire about Japas catering at your event, please email us or call +44 (0) 7921 397 792.