Japanese Catering

Be a guest at your own party! Create heartwarming memories without having to worry about preparing any food or cleaning up as our private team of chefs will do all the hard work for you. When you book our private catering services, our team of experienced and professional Japanese chefs will bring fine Japanese dining to your table. Choose your courses from a set menu or create a bespoke one with us that includes your favourite Japanese food within your price range.

As part of our private catering services, we also offer private cooking lessons before your event, so you can impress your guests with your newly found skills.
We always use good quality and fresh ingredients, and we always try our best to use ingredients that are seasonal. If you or any of your guests have any dietary requirements, our chefs are more than happy to create tailored menus or specific individual dishes to ensure that no one is left out and everyone can enjoy a delicious meal.

Chef’s Omakase

6 courses
Sample menu

  • Appetiser – Assortment of seasonal Japanese dishes
  • Sashimi plate
  • Sushi (a selection of sushi comes in courses)
  • Fish dish
  • Meat dish
  • Dessert

Our price from £150 per person to £200 per person (depending on menu and number of people)

What’s included:

  • Chef’s fee
  • Meals
  • Japanese tableware to serve
  • Cleaning (you will find your kitchen exactly the way you left it)

* Please note, drink service not included unless specified in your order.


  • Chef’s traveling fee
  • Decorations for the table and/or room
  • Drinks and waiting service
  • Nibbles for drinks are also available to add to our Chef’s Omakase meal.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing details further.


Small Japanese nibbles made for sharing

A unique style of small dishes that are easy to eat anytime. We hand-make our Japas using natural and fine Japanese seasonings with carefully selected seasonal ingredients for private and corporate events.

Japas are a great way to fill the gap between meals – encouraging conversation while satisfying your appetite.

There’s no need for formal seating – you can move and drink while you’re eating. This idea is popular in Japan, where there are a variety of small dishes available in pubs and bars frequented by Japanese business-men/women, who love to have a light meal with a drink after work.
You can pick and choose dishes from our seasonal menu or create a tailored menu with us if you have any special requests. We have various menu options depending on the event. (Vegan and vegetarian dishes can be arranged).

To enquire about Japanese catering at your event, please email us.