Japanese grocery stores & ingredients in UK

Japan Centre

You can find almost everything that’s Japanese here. Food, books, cooking tools (such as a sesame grinder with its stick, chopsticks…whatever you need to prepare a Japanese dish). You will roam the aisles for hours to look at every unusual product…worth visiting!

For a special Takoyaki pan available for purchase at Japan Centre. 


Rice Wine Shop

It is not only a rice wine shop but also a Japanese store: they have all sorts of Japanese ingredients in a tiny space. It is known amongst Japanese people that they offer the best price compared to any other retailer. The website is in Japanese only so you might need to show up in person or use google translate for online purchases!



Top quality, Japanese sashimi fillets are available here. Atariya supplies fish to most Japanese restaurants in the U.K.
You could ask them to fillet a variety of high quality fish for your sushi party!


Natural Natural

With shops in North and West London as well as online, Natural Natural offers a wide range of Japanese food, seasonings, fresh veg & fruit, oriental food, Sake, spirits, soft drinks, frozen food and home-made deli.



Clearspring is a family-owned business and for 25 years pioneered authentic Japanese specialities and organic fine foods.

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The Wasabi Company

The only wasabi growers in the UK. This company offers fresh wasabi grown in their Dorset farm and an original range of their very own Japanese condiments and sauces.



Established in 2005 and are a Natural Agriculture™ growers of English and Japanese vegetables herbs and fruit.



An oriental supermarket with a wide selection of asian products in Shoreditch.
You will find a Japanese grocery section at the back of the shop. They have katsuobishi (bonito flakes), basic seasonings and frozen products.


Sous Chef

Online shop only – they have a good selection of fine ingredients from all over the world.


Sashimi grade fish suppliers

Atariya (In store)
Japan centre (In store)
Natural natural (In store)
Moxons (In store/delivery)
Notting Hill Fish Shop (In store/delivery)
The upper scale LTD (online shop).
Fish society (online shop for frozen fish)